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If you have slipped, fallen and hurt yourself on someone else's property because of a hazardous condition on that property, the property owner in Jersey City could owe you compensation in damages.

Prevalent Causes of Slip and Falls in Jersey City New Jersey

Slip and Falls frequently happen because of a hazardous situation on property in New Jersey.

There are 3 broad classes of conditions that can cause Slip and Fall injuries. First, there are structural defects, more prevalent in old buildings, resulting from wear and tear and a lack of maintenance. Second, there are hazards caused by the weather, such as ice on sidewalks, or water on smooth surfaces. Third, there are building code vilations, where the owner has not taken necessary steps to bring the property into compliance with local safety rules.

You may need to present different evidence depending upon the classification of your Slip and Fall case in Jersey City.

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If you or a family member has sustained a Slip and Fall on someone else's property in Jersey City, then you should contact a knowledgeable attorney who specializes in these cases to maximize your chance of a monetary award.

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What's Up in Jersey City

Jersey City is a place rich in culture, with something for everyone in the family to enjoy.  Located between the Hudson River and Upper New York Bay, Jersey City is situated right across from Lower Manhattan.  Although Manhattan is known for wonderful attractions and high tourism, Jersey City is filled with historic neighborhoods, museums, shopping malls, and beautiful city parks.  

For all those history-lovers out there, you can book a cruise to Ellis Island, visit Harsimus Cemetery, or tour the Underground Railroad and experience the footsteps of many escaped slaves. If shopping is your forte, visitors can shop till they drop!  Jersey City is home to ten major shopping districts filled with large department stores, contemporary boutiques, and specialty stores.  For those who love museums, Jersey City has many museums that highlight the city's history and art.  However if visitors would just like to relax and soak in the beauty, Jersey City has many beautiful city parks.  Two of the most famous parks are Liberty State Park and Leonard Gordon Park.  

Alongside the beautiful parks is the city's beautiful waterfront port of entry.  The waterfront port runs about 11 miles long and truly is a site not to miss!  Many major corporations and industries have found a home along this beautiful waterfront.  In fact, the Goldman Sachs building stands at 238 meters and is one of the 200 tallest buildings in the world.  Goldman Sachs is not the only Fortune 500 Company to be located in Jersey City.  Major corporations such as Chase Manhattan Bank, Charles Schwab, and Merill Lynch have also found a home in Jersey City.  

To top it off, Jersey City has one of the most diverse populations in the United States.  Known as a "Tapestry of Nations," the city is home to Jewish, Italian, Cuban, Filipino, Polish, Indian, Irish, Puerto Rican, Dominican, African, Arab, and Asian communities.  Therefore, visitors will be introduced to many cultures and ethnicities when visiting this wonderful place.  Such a population, rich with many ethnicities and cultures, is also rich with a variety of different professionals.  There are many attorneys who practice in all areas of law in Jersey City.  Not only are many major law firms located in Jersey City, but the city also has a number of small to medium sized law firms.  Undoubtedly, any legal issue that you have can be resolved by the many competent attorneys who call Jersey City their home.

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