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These days, most products on the local store shelves have been tested for almost any kind of situation. However, sometimes a product in Suisun City is defective. If you or a loved one has been hurt by such a product, you could have a lawsuit that uses the laws of Product Liability.

The Law of Product Liability in California

There are 3 basic categories of product defects in California.

Manufacturing defects are the first. These are defects that come from the actual production and making of the product. For example, if essential screws, which are called for in the design, are not installed in a chair, and the chair breaks when someone sits on it as a result, this is a manufacturing defect.

Second, design defects are defects that are present because the design is faulty. For instance, if a coffee mug melts any time hot coffee is put in because the design called for the wrong material, this would be a design defect.

Lastly, some products are sold with inadequate warnings or instructions. These defects are called warning defects. As an example, if a lawnmower you were using was not meant to go on side hills, but the company never warned you and you were hurt as a result, this would be a warning defect.

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If you owned or used a product, and it hurt you because of one of the above defects, you should hire a Products Liability lawyer in California.

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