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Understanding Your Right to Compensation in California

The death of a loved one is always hard, but it can be more so if the death that occurred in California was because someone else was acting in a criminal or negligent manner. In most instances, the family of the victim may be able to file a lawsuit for wrongful death.

Law about Wrongful Death in California

Not everyone is authorized to bring a wrongful death lawsuit in Blythe.

The laws often say that only the immediate family of the deceased have the power to sue.

If you win in a wrongful death case, you will be entitled to compensation for funeral expenses, medical care the deceased received, loss of companionship, and, in the most severe cases, punitive damages.

California Wrongful Death Attorneys Are Available to Help

Like many other injury cases, there are state statutes of limitations for Wrongful Death cases. If you file your case after this period has come and gone, you might lose any option at recovery you may have had. Therefore you should contact a Blythe, California Wrongful Death attorney as soon as possible.

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